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Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.
Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.

Truth and Reconciliation – Reconciliation between the global north and south must be the foundation for a new world culture to emerge.

In the fourth of our unplugged global discussions, 3rd Space continues the conversation with Mumbaikers, Abhishek Thakore of the Blue Ribbon Movement, and actress Suruchi Aulakh. We discuss why truth and reconciliation between coloniser and colonised is a prerequisite for any new world culture to be able to emerge.

In this session we examine:

What does truth and reconciliation mean in the context of creating an emerging world culture?

The west’s self-image of moral superiority and its unshaken belief in the ultimacy of rationalism

Gandhi’s legacy – love, compassion and the exposure of two different civilisations 

Two things that drive the colonised mindset – monolithic religion and bad science 

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