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Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.

3rd Space unplugged – global discussions on a new cosmopolitanism

Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.

Exploring the potential of a true global citizenry

In the first of a series of cross-cultural conversations, Steve Brett of 3rd Space in London talks with Abhishek Thakore, co-founder of the Blue Ribbon Movement in Mumbai, on the potential of intercultural awareness and dialogue to transform global culture.

It traces the pathway to a new citizenry, that is contemporarily global, while retaining the rich diversity of cultural identities.

In this first discussion a series of themes opens up that we will explore over a number of sessions:

How to move beyond the cul-de-sac of the purely secular, to discover and redefine spirituality for our times.

How to create a dynamic ‘centre’ in ourselves both as individuals, and collectively across cultures. Finding a centre that is not based on ideology or ego, but grounded in an integrated self, alive and receptive to the living present and the ‘other’.

Exploring the reality of colonialism, and the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed.

What is the right relationship with the past?

Trusting resonance rather than relying only on our cognitive capacity.

How we might move forward as a global community through the tripartite lens of working with our own cultural identity and shadow; working with emergent dialogue between cultures globally; and cultivating what we share universally at the level of ‘being’. 

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