From Seniors to Elders

Senior citizens, OAPs, retirees. Doesn’t sound so inspiring, in the way this vast and growing segment of our population is sometimes referred to, does it? Now of course I know many older people have a very hard time, coping with chronic illness, poverty, disabilities and loneliness, all compounded by years of governmental austerity in Britain. Many need special care and can’t afford it. This needs remedying

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Why ‘3rd Space’?

J L Mehta, an Indian philosopher and expert on the German philosopher Martin Heidegger once wrote , “So long as we live encapsulated within one tradition, our own, and in a language that embodies it, we can think and move and have our being only within the horizon of reality opened up by it.” The idea of calling this website 3rd Space came about in response

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Kabir’s home is at the top
of a narrow, slippery track
An ant’s foot won’t fit,
so, villain,
Why load your bullock?