A Rare Perspective from the Gaza War: In Conversation with Yael Treidel

The Only Solution for Real Security 3rd Space: Hello, Yael. Really good to see you. And welcome to 3rd Space. Thank you for speaking with us in the midst of such a devastating crisis. The brutal attack and seizure of hostages by Hamas has catalysed the catastrophic and equally devastating deaths of thousands civilians in […]

The Ukraine War: Challenging a Binary Lens

“As a person who believes in democracy, it’s disappointing to read from your comments that you are ideologically opposed to western values“.  My heart sank a little as I read this somewhat definitive conclusion about my cultural values, posted by a friend on Facebook. She was responding to an observation I had made in reference […]

The Opposite of a Cynic: David Graeber, 1961-2020

What is the opposite of a cynic? I have been wondering about this question since I heard the news of David Graeber’s death yesterday. I haven’t quite been able to come up with an answer: believer, idealist, optimist? All of those words capture something of his character, though all of them sound too much like […]

The Need For A New Politics

In 1991 India changed. We opened up. We started becoming part of the global economy. Globalisation finally engulfed us. Slowly some disturbing signs started emerging. In 1996 we at SIDH (“Society for the Integrated Development of the Himalayas”), organized a week long seminar on: “Re-thinking the New Economic Order: Gandhi & Beyond”. It was not a typical seminar in which speakers come, read […]