Vivek Gilani on Systems Change – Closing the Gap between Vision & Implementation

In a world where inspired theories often founder on the rocks of the ruthless reality of market logic. Or are subsumed by powerful corporations that simply hijack innovation for their own ends, Vivek’s company, cBalance, is a radical departure from the status quo. Armed with entrepreneurial savvy, an intuitive grasp of market psychology, and a […]

Imagination Activism – An Interview with Phoebe Tickell

We have been chasing an interview with Phoebe Tickell for some time. (She’s a busy lady). We hope we will manage to catch up with her soon. In the meantime, we want to share this excellent interview by Planet Critical of her work in ‘Imagination Activism’. Phoebe graduated in molecular biology from Cambridge University. Concerned […]

Pressing ‘Reset’ in the Anthropocene: Global Social Witnessing as an Awareness-Based Practice for Global Citizenship

You swipe through your favourite news site while sitting in a train, and you enter the typical bombardment of information – “four degrees climate change temperature rise possible”,“rainforest burning”, “Iran-US-tension on the rise”, “East Germany soon run by right-wing populists?” Can you feel the contraction of your chest, the narrowing down of your attention, the […]

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