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Debora Nunes

Graduate and Master of Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBa, Brasil, (1987 & 1993). PhD in Urbanism at the University of Paris, (1988). Post Doctorate in University Extension at the University Lumière Lyon II, (2008), and Post Doctorate in City History in Bangalore University, India (2015), and Future Cities in Pondicherry University (2019). Professor at Universidade da Estado da Bahia (UNEB), since 1999, in Urbanisation. She has published books and papers about Participatory Management, Solidarity Economy, Conscious Consumption, and New Models of Citizen Politics. She is founder of the NGO Network Professional Association for Citizenship Solidarity, and the School of Integral Sustainability. She is also engaged in the international network Dialogues en humanité.

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