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Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.

3rd Space unplugged -Is the Future Black and Brown?

Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.

Confronting the reality of Western global dominance

In the second of our unplugged cross-cultural discussions, 3rd Space continues the conversation with Mumbaikers, Abhishek Thakore of the Blue Ribbon Movement, and actress Suruchi Aulakh. We discuss the question – is the future black and brown? And explore in real time the raw reality of what it takes to confront Western global dominance.

Together, we are tracing the pathway to a new cosmopolitanism, which includes keeping the rich diversity of cultural identities.

In this session, we examine:

Is the future black and brown?

The shadow of Britain’s colonial history

Is genuine humility the first step for the West toward decolonising the global space?

The geographical factor of civilisations based on ‘scarcity’ versus those based on ‘abundance’. What is the significance of this in shaping cultural difference?

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  1. Dear Mary and Steve,
    Thank you so much! This conversation is both very interesting and very moving. When I saw the effect that your expression of disgust with the British acts in India had on Suruchi and Abhishek (and what an impressive couple), I thought what a powerful effect would an official British apology and acknowledgement of all the wrongs would have on Indians, as individuals and as a nation. Speaking honestly and admitting publicly that the British did wrong, that it was mostly about their greediness and vanity, is extremely powerful.
    I would love to hear a follow-up on this conversation and wander if after the apology is given and accepted, it’ll open things even more, for honesty on all sides.
    It made me think about my conversations as an Israeli with Palestinians. At this point I’m mostly in an apologetic mode, although I know that the effects of the interactions between Palestinians and Israelis are not only negative to both societies, but I also know that until Palestine is free and their suffering is acknowledged, we won’t be able to explore these things together.
    Looking forward to the next recording!

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