Radical Experiments in Unlearning with Manish Jain

We interviewed Manish Jain at Shikshantar, The People's Institute for Re-thinking Education and Development in the ancient city of Udaipur in India, which he co-founded. Manish is one of the leading planetary voices for deschooling our lives and reimagining education and development. He is deeply committed to regenerating our diverse local knowledge systems, cultural imagination and intercultural dialogue. Born in India, Manish worked in the US as an investment banker for Morgan Stanley, received a Master's in Education at Harvard University, and worked as a principal team leader on UNESCO Learning Without Frontiers Global Initiative. He returned to India twenty-five years ago to look after his illiterate grandmother, which began a deep process of Un-learning. In the interview we talk about his discovery of the gift culture in India, its abundance versus scarcity culture, forgiveness, how working with your hands is not extracurricular, and the significance of cow dung.