Sashikala Ananth

Steve Brett

Sashikala Ananth holds a degree in architecture from the School of Architecture, Madras University. She has researched the classical Indian science of Architecture – Vaastu, for over thirty years, studying with Sri V. Ganapathi Sthapati, a leading authority on the Vaastu Shastras, from whom she learned both textual knowledge and practical field application. Her books on Vaastu include The Indian Tradition of Design Based on Vaastu ShastraThe Penguin Guide to Vaastu (Penguin India). In a collective called Ritambhara, located in the Nilgiris, Sashikala alongside her husband Raghu Ananthanarayanan, mentor young people to understand and reflect upon the wisdom of the Indian tradition. She also works on projects incorporating the wisdom of Vaastu in creative and harmonious ways with contemporary life.