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Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.
Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space.

Raghu Ananthanarayanan speaks with Abhishek Thakore: understanding the developmental model of Spiral Dynamics through an Indic lens.

Raghu Ananthanarayanan has a Postgraduate Degree in Bio-Medical Engineering from IIT Madras. He spent a decade of intense study of Yoga with Yogaachaarya T Krishnamaachaarya and Desikachar, and extended time with J Krishnamurti and Sri Dharampal. He has considerable experience in transforming organisational culture. He co-founded Sumedhas Academy for Human context, The Barefoot Academy for Governance and FLAME TAO Knoware (Pvt. Ltd). He currently mentors a group of young “sacred activists” at

In discussion:

– the Spiral Dynamics ‘centre of gravity’ of different cultures. Through what cultural lens do we evaluate cultural development?  

– how the development of the self, seen through an Indic lens, doesn’t exist in isolation. In India the self is a verb, not a noun. The self is understood as a contextual process.

– the geographical reality of cultures that arose in ‘abundance’ versus ‘scarcity’. Why western cultures’ centre of gravity in Spiral Dynamics terms is ‘blue’ inwards, and ‘red’ outwards.

– ancient India expressed high levels of development as understood in Spiral Dynamics. Why this became rigidified.

– World politics and global culture through a Spiral Dynamics Indic lens. Why finding a dharmic relationship to life is critical if humanity is going to survive. 

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  1. Very illuminating to hear this valuable non Western perspective on Spiral Dynamics. I’ve often questioned how universal SD really is, given the very western cultural lens of SD; and for example, the point about geography helping to have created a consciousness of scarcity in the West is very interesting.

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