Who We Are

Steve Brett

Steve is the co-founder of 3rd Space and Executive Director of Emergence Foundation, a London-based charity supporting diverse, creatively emergent projects in the UK and Europe. Travelling through Asia and later living and working in India for seven years shaped lifelong values, and a passion for human and cultural transformation. A social worker, counsellor and psychotherapist by training, he has lived in and been part of the creation and evolution of several intentional communities over the last forty years, focussed on the evolution of consciousness and culture, and spiritual practice.

He has an MA in South Asian Area Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and has taught eastern philosophy and history, and human and cultural development in the US, UK, Europe and India. He sees himself as part of the movement to transform global culture at this time of climate, ecological and existential crisis, through writing, understanding the impact of colonialism in the global north and south, intercultural dialogue, and participating in civil disobedience movements. 

Mary Adams

Mary is co-founder of 3rd space, Executive Director and Trustee of Emergence Foundation, supporting innovative projects across the UK and Europe.   

In pursuit of deeper answers to the contradictions and conflicts of modernity, she has spent decades exploring the relationship between consciousness and culture, engaged in both eastern and western, academic and non-academic, settings. Majoring in South Asian Philosophy and Language at the Australian National University, she lived in India studying under various spiritual teachers, including the late Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and J. Krishnamurti; exploring the foundations of human consciousness in extended solitary meditation retreats.

Trained in psychotherapy, a founding member of Gaia House international meditation centre, she co-founded and taught in centres for human development in the UK and Europe. Emigrating to the USA, she worked in the field of collective intelligence in an intentional community for almost three decades, co-pioneering and facilitating inter-subjective dialogue practices, plus programs for women’s leadership. The dramatic demise of this international organization proved a profound learning experience.

Currently based in London, through writing, intercultural dialogue, and non-violent civil disobedience, she is working within a global network attempting to transform the paradigm underpinning the metacrisis we face today.

Our Contributors

Adrian Wagner

Doctoral candidate of Thomas Hübel’s AIS Graduate Programm, Social Worker, Political Scientist and co-founder of Teal Wave Consulting. In his dissertation

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Alnoor Ladha

Alnoor is a founding member and the executive director of  /The Rules, a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders,

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Anthea Lawson

Anthea Lawson is an activist, writer and author of The Entangled Activist: Learning to recognise the master’s tools. She has

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Chris Parish

Chris Parish is a writer and organic gardener with an abiding passion for nature and our ecological selves. With an

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Debora Nunes

Graduate and Master of Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBa, Brasil, (1987 & 1993). PhD

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Esther Stanford-Xosei

Esther Stanford-Xosei is a Motherist, and decolonial Pan-Afrikanist Jurisconsult, Community Advocate and Reparationist. As a ‘new abolitionist’ emphasizing the need to

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Faheem Nusrat

Faheem has followed an interest in Eastern spiritual practice for over 30 years. With lived experience in community he has

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Gabriel Meyer Halevy

Gabriel is a musician, storyteller, writer, and radical creative. Born in Cordoba, Argentina. Three album collaborations – Merkavah, SpiritIsreal, and

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Gerard Senehi

Co-Founder & President of Open Future Institute, Gerard is inspired by a sense of possibilities and the potential of bringing

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Jamie Bristow

Jamie Bristow is Director of The Mindfulness Initiative, a policy institute about mindfulness and compassion training that grew out of a programme

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Katrin Karneth

Katrin Karneth is a creative educator, cultural trainer and German language teacher. From a very young age onwards she was

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Kavita Byrd

Kavita Byrd works to bring together holistic consciousness and whole-systems change, with an emphasis on evolutionary spirituality and sacred activism.

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Khin Tye

Khin Tye is a Human-Becoming-in-Process and 3rd Space social media co-creator. Born and raised in S.E. Asia, she pursued a materialistic

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Lukas Herrmann

Lukas Herrmann is an action researcher and PhD student with Heidelberg University, Germany. He worked at the Max-Planck-Institute for Social Neuroscience,

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Martin Kirk

Martin is Co-founder and Director of Strategy for /The Rules, a global collective of writers, thinkers, coders, farmers, artists and

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Padma Rigzin

Padma Rigzin is from Hemisshukpachan village in Ladakh, India. After completing his school education in Ladakh, he moved to mainland India to pursue

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Pawan Gupta

A little more than 30 years of experience in areas of education. Inspired by Buddhism, traditional Hinduism and Gandhi.

Tries to

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Renate Keller

Renata Keller is a filmmaker and dialogue facilitator based in Berlin and Switzerland. She has worked in visual arts for

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Tempe Adams

Having completed her Ph.D. in 2016, Dr Tempe Adams is currently the Coexistence & Education Manager in Botswana for the

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Xiaolu Guo

Xiaolu Guo is a British-Chinese novelist, filmmaker and essayist. Born in China in 1973, She was raised in a village

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